Covenant Enforcement

Accelerated understands board members are volunteers and inspections can be very time consuming, not to mention, it’s never fun to tell your neighbors to clean up their yard, or move their beloved camper out of the driveway. We can do that job for the board and remove the stigma all at the same time.

Covenant Enforcement includes:

  • Covenant inspections will be completed every 10 to 14 days. We will email all current board members a copy of our covenant inspection report for review.
  • We will prepare and send all covenant violation notices to all owners with 24 hours of inspection.
  • The association’s documents will be reviewed for accuracy prior to sending any and all covenant violation letters.
  • Communicate with the board and/or architectural control committee in processing applications from owners for any modifications to the owner’s home.

Association’s enforcement policies, including imposition of fines and penalties against non-compliant owner accounts will be sent to the board to charge the owner’s account. We will not be responsible for charging or collecting violation fines.


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