Full Service Management

Accelerated provides full service management for any type of residential association. Our managers are experienced in single family, condominium, and townhome management. We guarantee that your Association manager will be knowledgeable in every aspect of managing your association from financials and banking to providing personalized customer service for your Homeowners.

Full Service Management Includes:

Financial Services

  • Billing services for all assessments and delinquent accounts on an annual, monthly, or quarterly basis.
  • Receiving all accounts payable and accurately updating each account.
  • Our unique and successful collections program guarantees more money back to the association than ever before.
  • Maintain all financial records, files and accounts of the association.
  • Develop the association’s annual operating budget at the direction of the board, and provide advice on matters of assessments and contracts prior to finalizing budget.
  • Review all insurance coverage annually and make sure your insurance coverage is the best option for your association.
  • Reconcile each of the association’s accounts and bank statements on a monthly basis.
  • Assist the association’s accountant by providing information needed to complete annual tax returns and audits.
  • Provide complete and easy to understand financial reports monthly, showing all financial activity from the previous month.

Customer Service

  • Schedule any and all meetings of the association and board. Secure meeting rooms, when necessary, and conduct meetings when directed by the Board.
  • Develop meeting agendas and distribute to the board prior to meeting.
  • Assist boards and committees with newsletters or email blasts to the community.
  • Answer questions or concerns from any member of the association accurately and politely within one business day.
  • Processing and providing accurate Resale Certificates to title companies, realtors and owners, in order to assist in selling homes located within the association.
  • Compiling emails for owners for easy communications and email blasts when needed.

Daily Operations and Common Area Maintenance

  • Develop RFP’s at the direction of the board for any work to be performed on the association’s common area and collect bids for review and selection.
  • Develop vendor requirements for all vendors performing work for the association, and make sure they have all proper insurances and licenses in advance of performing any work for the association.
  • Provide vendor supervision by communicating with all vendors regularly and physically inspecting all work performed by any vendor for the association.
  • Inspecting all association assets regularly and making recommendations to the board regarding any needed maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide weekly management reports to the board detailing upcoming projects and communicating what projects have been recently completed.
  • Perform inspections of all property located within the association and send appropriate notices to any owners who are not in compliance with the documents.


  • Maintain all files and records of the association and have them readily available and organized for review by the board and membership.
  • Maintain up to date list of owners.
  • Assist in developing meeting minutes from all board meetings and distributing them to all board members upon completion.
  • Attend all meetings of the board and annual meetings of the association.
  • Receive all mail of the association daily and responding when necessary.
  • Respond to all phone calls and emails from any member of the association within one business day.


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